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Centre for Public Policy

Centre for Public Policy

The Centre for Public Policy supports the public interest in quality governance and policy. The contemporary challenges facing public servants – elected and appointed – are daunting. Complex policy problems test our established modes of policy implementation and service delivery, prompting us to look for new ways of designing and organizing services including involving users, voluntary organizations and businesses, which in turn raise new regulatory and accountability dilemmas. A more sophisticated and diverse public questions the authority of public servants and makes different demands of public services, presenting challenges of how to respond in an inclusive, democratic way that protects those who are otherwise marginalized and disadvantaged. And global economic uncertainties pose questions about what it is possible for 'the state' – at any level – to do or fund, opening up new debates about the role of individuals and communities in contributing to their own well-being, as well as encouraging us to think more about the potential of alternative forms of organizing.

These debates are taking place in different ways in different parts of the world informed by distinct histories, traditions and trajectories. But the debates and the policy challenges at the heart of them are also linked, vertically and horizontally through local, national and international policy networks and institutions. A key ambition for the Centre is to generate new insights and learning from these shared though distinct concerns by facilitating interactions with academics, policy makers and practitioners locally, nationally and internationally. This will involve building on its existing international linkages as well as developing new connections.

It will also involve academics working in new ways with policy makers and practitioners, developing tools and approaches for generating learning and knowledge together. This was a key focus of my most recent work in the UK and I am keen that the Centre builds on its tradition of knowledge exchange in this way. More information about the Birmingham Policy Commissions.

The Centre's engagement with public governance and management has always be broadly based, working with public sector employees, with voluntary and private sector employees engaged in public service delivery, and with private sector and non-government organization employees working at the interface between government and the wider economy. The Centre has a long line of distinguished alumni who reflect this broadly based engagement and it will continue to work in ways that appeal to these constituencies, including drawing on its alumni’s experience and expertise.

Faculty: Arts

Director: Professor Helen Sullivan

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